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New Release: Creating a “Puppy Cut” on a Mixed Breed

In this lesson, Judy Hudson, NCMG, will show you how to get a plush look and choose the best tools to get the smoothest finish – in the least amount of time. Why? Being efficient is the name of the game for professional groomers. There is a reason Judy has the reputation as a “get it done gal.” She does not waste time.

In this video you will learn:

How to minimize tracking lines in the coatA secret to cool blades in a snap without spraysHow to know if a dog is uncomfortable and how to correct this issueWhat to do when there are serious cowlicks in the coatWhat’s the best tool to use as you finish the dog

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Creating a “Puppy Cut” on a Mixed Breed

Creating a “Puppy Cut” on a Mixed Breedwith Judy Hudson

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